Saturday, December 27, 2014

The world we live in

The World, in a view of evolution biology, is a brutal place where only the fittest survive. Ukrainian citizens would probably agree. But where do people stand in that world?
Humans are social animals. It doesn’t mean we can’t have selfish desires nor act selfishly, it means that our survival depends primarily on the health and strength of our society. In that sense, it’s not about the fittest person. It’s about the strongest and most loving society. Only that society can benefit humankind.
The evolution principle here is simple - help other people to make your bonds stronger and together we shall prevail. But with forty ongoing armed conflicts in the world, with countries oppressing basic human rights - as is a right to live - we still fall short of this commitment.
History of the world is a story of wars. One could argue we should have learned by now - apparently we haven’t. Apparently we still seek a way forward, much like every individual seeks its place in our society. But we should not forget who we are, who we know we are from very young age - human beings. Human beings committed to strive, to live well, to take care of others and future. We are human beings, creatures with only one responsibility. To strive as a species.
When unfortunate citizens of war devastated lands seek help and shelter, we are morally obliged to help them, to shelter them, to accept them. This morality comes from two sources - one being Christianity and beliefs of equality in God and beliefs in necessity of hospitality, the other being evolution principle discussed before: the only way forward is creating better society.
We often fail to present our values in spite of a thread. We don’t help old ladies to cross roads just so we can catch an early bus, we don’t volunteer our services so we don’t have to work harder for no pay. We fail to put our values before our money. Be it a trade with foreign countries with whose actions we morally disagree or just an ordinary grocery shopping, where we choose cheaper brands over ethical ones.
There are many among us, who swore to do good deeds whenever possible. Many, who promised to seek the highest Truth and Love. And while the Truth might be disputed and hidden in Mystery, the Love seems as the only way forward. Love, a charity in some sense, tends to be a force of creation and while many argue that we live in the best time in history, only few would say that our time is the best possible. Our goal should be to create something next generation would honor, enjoy and strive in. Our goal should be to create welcoming society willing to help others and to learn from them as much as we teach them. Our goal should be to help enrich humankind. And that leads to the only question we should ask ourselves every night:

How did I help humankind this day?

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Is anybody in there?
Is any body in there?
This place looks empty
and the air is gone

This place looks empty
but do not cry
for only a victory this is
In between thunders and lies
The hell is empty
and all the devils are on earth

This place looks empty
Is any body in there?
Is anybody in there?